Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decade in review

I have seen this on a few blogs and I think it is a great idea so I'm jumping on board. Unfortunately with the switch from hard copies to digital photography during this decade I don't have posts for every year but I'll give it my best shot. If I get motivated enough, I will scan some of the older photos and update later. Check Spelling

2000: My sophomore year of high school. I was asked to the prom by a friend. My favorite thing about this picture is that you can see Dave at the table in the background (to the right).

2001: My junior year of high school. So many great things happened this year. My favorite by far was going to Washington D.C. for Close-Up.

2002: My senior year of high school. I have so many great memories with awesome friends.

2003: Freshman year of college. This didn't go so well. I liked the school and my major. I did not like my roommate and being so far from home. I decided to transfer to a community college closer to home and then to the state university after that.

2004: This year was pretty uneventful. I would say it was actually a low point for me. I was in an unhappy relationship and trying to discover who I really was. This is the year I started at SUNY Geneseo which was one of the best decisions I ever made.

2005: This is the year that I met my future husband.

2006: I'm sure I have a picture to go with this year but overall it was pretty uneventful.

2007: This was the most life changing year of my life. This is the year that I got engaged. I also graduated from college:

We bought our house:

Got married:

Went to Hawaii on our honeymoon:
And got Charlie:

2008: This was one of the hardest years of my life. This is the year that Dave was deployed:

While he was gone I was going to grad school, teaching full time (as a long-term sub) and working part time at Wegmans. Things were crazy.

In July, Dave surprised me for my birthday by coming home for 2 weeks R&R. While he was home, we were able to attend the wedding of a good friend.
In September I started my full time teaching job. These are the flower Dave sent me on the first day of school.

2009: January 4 brought David home. This was one of the best days of my life besides our wedding.

Our poor Charlie got hit by a car at the end of February so the next couple months were tough. He survived but he had a broken femur which had to be repaired with surgery. It was an expensive and emotionally exhausting time.

In April we went on our second honeymoon to Hawaii. This time we went to Oahu which I absolutely loved. I cannot wait to go back someday.
We were also blessed to go to the weddings of a few good friends.

In all, I would say that this has been a pretty good decade. I am hopeful that this next one will be even better.
I hope to follow up tomorrow with my goals for the next year so stay tuned.

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