Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas haul

Dave and I are blessed with wonderful families who definitely spoil us. This year my parents said they were cutting back they were still incredibly generous. Here are some of the great gifts I got:
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Dave got me addicted to Rock Band when he got home from Afghanistan last year. I enjoy it because it is something we can play together too. I am excited to play this as long as I can tear Dave away from his gift (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2).
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I am constantly struggling to find a way to store my jewelry. Right now the stuff I wear the most has a home in a tiny box on my night stand. This is a great jewelry box because it hangs on the wall and it looks nice. I hate the look of normal jewelry boxes so this is a great alternative.
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This is one of those gifts that brings me back to my childhood. I remember teachers always having these "smelly" markers. Now that I am a teacher these are a must-have. Unfortunately, I am too cheap ($14.99 for markers!) so I asked for them for Christmas. I am excited to use them when we get back to school.

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These might be my favorite gift this year! My ankles get very cold in the winter so these are great. I put them immediately after opening them. I'm in love. (PS. I got these in grey)
I also got a few different bracelets (three to be exact), some gift cards and some money which I can't wait to spend.
I hope Santa was good to you. Merry Christmas!

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