Sunday, May 2, 2010

Old Navy and Target Haul

Dave races motocross every Sunday. Most of the time I will go with him unless the race is really far away. I really hate when they are far away because the races take up the whole day as it is. Today the race was about two hours away so I decided to stay home. I did a little cleaning this morning but decided to do a little shopping this afternoon.

I have been looking for a dark brown cardigan for a while now. I felt like I had looked everywhere with no luck. Last night when I browsing The Nest Fashion & Beauty board I saw rave reviews for Target cardigans so I decided to check them out. I checked the website to make sure they had a dark brown (which they did) then decided that I would go to the store today. I was happy to find that they had the dark brown in stock. While I was there, I also got this dress. I found the sizing a little bit questionable. I tried on a size 4 to start with. That was definitely too big but I loved the dress so I decided to try the size 2. The 2 fit much better but it is still a little big in the chest but that isn't out of the ordinary. I chose to buy it in the end because we have two weddings to go to this summer. I know that if I wait until the weddings, I won't find any dresses that I like. (Sorry about the lack of pictures. I couldn't get any of these two items.

After Target, we went to Old Navy since they were having 30% off of everything. My original plan was to get more of these t-shirts:

I have this shirt in four other colors (white, yellow, pink, and blue) and I love them. They are affordable and great for layering.

I couldn't resist getting these pj shorts:

I have another pair which I love. They are cute and comfortable.

Finally, my impulse buy:

I saw this and fell in love. I have two other bathing suits but only one that I really like. I've had the other one for at least five years so it was time to replace it. A few of our friends own boats and we spent a lot of time on the lake last year. I am looking forwad to sporting this on the lake this summer.

I hope you enjoyed my weekend haul. What did you get this weekend?

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