Monday, June 7, 2010

Goals for 2010- Update

Now that we are six months into this year, I thought I would update you on my goals for 2010. Some I have been doing very well on and others....well, not so much.

1. Read 25 books for fun-Making progress
I have been doing pretty well with this goal. So far I have read 10 books for fun. I haven't been good about updating this as I read them but I'm pretty sure that is accurate. I do need to pick up the pace a little bit but in these past two weeks I have read two books so I think I will catch up soon. Now that it is summer (almost) and David is racing motocross, I have a great deal of time to read. I have been known to read an entire book on a race day.

2. Lose enough weight/inches to fit into my size 4 pants again-Achieved
A couple of simple changes in what I've been eating and walking Charlie a little more at night and I have achieved this goal.

3. Create and Start a 101 in 1001 list- No progress
I really like the idea of one of these lists but I have yet to sit down and really think of some things that I would like to do.

4. Do at least 30 minutes of housework each night after work- Some progress?
I have not been doing 30 minutes a night but our house has been much cleaner. I need to step up my game a little now that the weather is nice and we have stuff to do outside as well.

5. Reconnect with 2 old friends- 50% Achieved
I have been able to reconnect with one of the friends mentioned. Shortly after writing this goal, she contacted me on Facebook. We talked a couple times after that. Unfortunately, he mother passed away a couple of months ago. I felt very strongly that I needed to be there for her so Dave and I went to calling hours. I am so glad we did because I could tell that it meant a lot. About a month later, we met for drinks. It felt really good to hang out with her again. We need to do it again very soon.

As for the other friend, she also reached out to me on Facebook but we have yet to really talk. I am really going to make a point to reconnect with her this summer.

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